The Wife and I have been watching Game of Thrones, now that we can watch HBO without a cable subscription thanks to the HBONow app.(1) One of the things that gets me about Westeros is how each family has its own banner and it own words:

House Stark


Winter is coming

House Lannister


Hear me roar

House Baratheon


Ours is the fury

You get the idea.

This set me to wonder: What would be House Butler’s sigil? What would be our words?

OSUThe first question depends on which of us developed it. If my mother and/or brother chose our sigil, it would probably be the OSU banner. If my sister and/or I chose, it would probably be the metal/devil horns on a field of black. If my dad chose…I have no idea.

But the words of House Butler are easy. It’s a lessen drilled into us at every turn from a very young age. Dad says it with the same grim tone as Ned Stark says his House’s words, with a mixture of foreknowledge and warning that would be dangerous to ignore. I don’t know why this is so important a thing, but I also don’t know the consequences to violating it…because I never have. Such it their import, such is their weight.

We do not mow on Sunday

Silly as it might be – and some House words are rather silly sounding – I’m sure those would be our words.

  1. We cancelled Netflix to cover the cost of the HBONow app, which makes us like the only American household without a Netflix subscription.