broken bald

A short while ago, I posted about how I intended to go bald gracefully, meaning that I wouldn’t shave my head like so many men out there and pretty much the entire male cast of Breaking Bad.

Well, about a month ago…I decided to shave my head.

I'm ready for my audition Mr. Gilligan

I’m ready for my audition Mr. Gilligan

Now, in my defense, I didn’t shave my head because I’m going bald. If that were the case, I’d’ve done it back when I was like seven.(1) I did it because I was curious as to how I’d look. Well and plus also The Wife wasn’t home.(2)

And I kinda like it. My intent was to shave my head the once and then let grow back whichever hairs still clung to the mortal coil. Instead, I’ve continued shaving my head for all of the past month. I like how it looks and, honestly, it’s easier to maintain than even the paltry amount of hair that I did have.

Really though, I most enjoy how my head feels. When it’s freshly shaved, it feels like soft leather. The next day, like smooth stubble. The following day, like a soft bristle brush. It’s not until it starts to feel like hair again that I want to shave it fresh, which is usually on about the fourth or fifth day.

How long will I keep it? Given how quickly my hair disappeared all on it own, I’d say I’m destined to look like this more-or-less forever, even if I decide to let it grow back.

  1. Okay, in reality I began noticing evidence of my impending baldness when I was in my early 20s. But people were telling me even in high school that I had a receding hairline. Which I responded to with the always appropriate “Your mom has a receding hairline!”
  2. Her response was, “I miss your hair.” To which I replied, “Welcome to my life.”

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