It’s not passwords that give me a lot of trouble. I have systems within systems for generating and remembering those. What gets me hung up is remember which of my three main email addresses I used as a log-in.

Which is how, by using the correct password formation for my WordPress account while using the wrong email address, I discovered that I did not, as I’d believed, delete this blog. This is rather unusual, since I typically delete all traces of a blog once I’ve decided that blogging is for losers or I’ve come once again to the realization that my life and thoughts just aren’t that interesting. But I was pleasantly surprised to find this blog.

I’ve been blogging here, in fits and starts, since 2009. That makes it the longest record – public or private – that I have of my life and thoughts as put down in the moment.(1)(2) So finding it again, by a happy accident, gives me the warm-and-fuzzies.

So I’ll take up blogging again, at least for a little while.(3) And I’ll do it here where a younger Bo already spent so much time and effort.

  1. I am terrible at keeping journals. Even Day One, a pretty sweet iPad/iPhone/Mac app, didn’t stand the test of time, though I thought that journaling digitally would do it. Apparently, I simply must be able to delude myself that other people are reading before I’ll put pen to paper…or glyph to screen, more appropriately..
  2. Not that the prenominate thoughts were/are always worth writing down…
  3. Which history teaches me is all I can reasonably offer.

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