Long-time readers of this here blog might recall that, roughly every four months, Ashley and I go to Pittsburgh for a check-up with her transplant team. At just about six years post-transplant, Ashley’s doing as well as anyone could expect. So at this point our visits to Pittsburgh tend to be almost like little one- or two-day vacations, just with a handful of lab-work and doctors’ visits thrown in.

We’re about to head out for another visit tomorrow, but this one will be a bit less fun.(1) We have to be at the hospital early in the morning so Ashley can be evaluated for another transplant…kidney, this time.

See, some of the anti-rejection medications that she takes are a bit hard on the kidneys. So while the meds keep her body from trying to kill her lungs,(2) they eventually will kill her kidneys. Some of her doctors think that eventuality is upon us. Others think maybe not just yet. So we’ll see what they say.

Nevertheless, the subject of her needing another transplant – long a possibility – is suddenly much less vague. As far as transplants go, kidney transplants aren’t much to worry about. You can practically get them done at street-vendors these days.(3) But still…Things could go wrong.

She could encounter complications in surgery. She might not wake up. It’s possible she’ll reject the kidney(s). The stress could be too much for her body. This could throw her into rejection: kidney(s), lungs, or all. I might have to kick some intern’s ass because he or she won’t let me stay in the room with her 24/7 whilst she’s convalescing.

These are all possibilities. And they’re all pretty scary.(4)

But we can’t live in that place. Instead, we try to believe that everything will be okay. That we’ll get to be married longer than a year. Longer than two years, four years, six years and so on. That we’ll get to do lots and lots of things together and rack up more and more visits to Disney World.(5) Because that’s a better place to live.(6)

But I might  kick some intern’s ass just for fun.

  1. And not only because we missed Dave by a matter of days.
  2. Which her body rightfully recognize as foreign entities.
  3. More trustworthy than the University of Toledo Hospital, at any rate.
  4. Except I’ve always wanted to kick an intern’s ass. No reason, really. I just figure life as an intern is fairly ignominious. A thorough ass-kicking would only heighten that, giving said intern valuable experience for the future. This is probably why they won’t let me have an intern at work.
  5. We *might* have a problem.
  6. The mentality, not Disney World. They won’t let us live at Disney World.

2 comments on “pittsburgh

  1. WHAAAAA-?!? This is such a bummer. I would have been so happy to visit with you guys! I’d wish you best of luck… but everything will be okay!

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