movin’ right along

Footloose and fancy free.

My goal was to post everyday. At that, I have failed.

Sad face

Sad face

Nevertheless, ’twas necessary. Ashley and I have spent the past few weeks relocating most of our stuff to a storage unit…which may have more room that our apartment did, but whatever. For the next three months we’ll be living with the in-laws,(1) who were kind enough to offer us one of the spare bedrooms. After that, we’ll move YET AGAIN, but this time into a house of our own.

With all that going on, and with the pain and fatigue of having fibromyalgia during springtime whether about as consistent and FoxNews’s view on constitutional rights, I just couldn’t keep up. So be it.

Yesterday I scrubbed the old apartment to its bones.


Today we’ll be totally out of there, and the weather’s achieved something like stability. So other than sore muscle and bruises from all the moving, I’m back to speed.(2)

And, I hope, back to blogging every day.(3)

  1. Well, my in-laws. She calls them Mom and Dad.
  2. Obviously, speed is a relative term. If you pass me going 50 mph, it’ll look like I’m not even moving. Because I’m probably taking a break along the side of the road.
  3. I’m always doing my part to increase the number of footnotes in the average life.

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