sunday adverbs, vol. 26

They just keep on coming.


North Carolina recently considered a bill naming an official religion. The bill also held that states are, essentially, sovereign, and that federal laws and court rulings do not necessarily hold sway over states. Oregon and Colorado legalized marijuana last November, though it’s outlawed by the Controlled Substance Act. The governor of Alabama has said that he won’t enforce certain provisions of the new health-care law. I can’t remember which state it was, but one of them is considering a law flatly refuting the legality of federal law. More and more, it seems to me that the Unites States of America are united no longer.


Last night I played a short gig at an event for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It was a pleasant gig – it really is nice to be basically background music sometimes – and I enjoyed being able to use my music to help raise money for a group that exists to help people with CF.


One of the radio DJs in the area had a kidney transplant years ago and often helps out in various ways with transplant-related stuff. He interviewed Ashley last night at the event, and then invited us to the radio station today to record some commercials for Donate Life. It was fun, but what I really enjoyed was the dime-tour of the station.






What got me most was that there were I think five different radio stations broadcasting from this one building, the result of Cumulus Broadcasting buying up everything in the late nineties. But still, it was neat and very different from the last time I saw the inside of a radio station. They had records lining the walls back then.


Here’s a picture of some ice cream that looks like a butt.


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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