We went to visit Ashley’s brother today, which is why the late post. If I’ve got it right, he’s had:

  • His spleen removed;
  • Blood pumped from his stomach;(2)
  • A chest tube to remove blood from his lungs;
  • Loads of stitches;
  • And sutures;(3)
  • Surgery on a fractured ankle;
  • Shots;
  • Good painkillers;
  • And really awesome painkillers.(4)

Yet, he’s battling his way through. He should be let out of the hospital today, which is really good news. I’m also pleased to report that he’s had no shortage of visitors during his stay, specifically of the female persuasion. Even hopped up on morphine, he’s quite the ladies’ man. Most impressive.

His assailant posted bond,(5) but word has it that he’s staying with his parents. Since they’re the ones who posted the bond – or put up something equivalent to it, like their house – they’ll likely make sure he makes his court day on Monday.

That’s it so far. While not great, everything could have been much, much worse. I am so very thankful for that. He’s only been my brother for six months now; it’d be far too soon to lose him.

  1. I thought I posted this last night. Apparently not.
  2. The sutures from its removal look particularly gnarly.
  3. Which I couldn’t look at very long without wanting to pass out, having myself a thing about foreign objects penetrating or being within the body.
  4. Dilaudid, which is basically the tactical nuke of opiate narcotics.
  5. Despite having violated probation from another conviction, which strikes me as odd.

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