suffering fools

Gladly, for the most part.

Normally April Fools’ Day is something of a holiday for me. In the past I’ve pulled some pretty good – and harmless – pranks on people, and have had some good ones pulled on me.(1)

With the events of yesterday, I just haven’t been in the mood today. But two things did make me chuckle a bit. Both, surprisingly, came from Google.

Gmail Blue:

“Brown…brown was a disaster.” That really cracked me up. I love how everyone’s so serious about it, too.

And YouTube shuts down:

“Stories about The Hobbit trailer HD…”

I’m glad I got a few laughs in today. I hope you did too.(2)

  1. Dad texted me today to tell me my shoe was untied and this year I didn’t fall for it. Score!
  2. For those who are interested, Ashley’s brother is recovering. He was moved out of ICU today, though some additional internal injuries were found as well. All in all, though, he’s convalescing as well as can be expected.

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