Here it is, the perfect explanation.

This is a flash mob here in the US, Ohio specifically:

You’ll notice the participants are dancing. You’ll notice they’re dancing to a Journey song. You’ll notice it’s a Journey song as done on Glee.

Here’s a flash mob in Europe, Spain specifically:

You’ll notice the mob is performing the music. You’ll notice it’s Beethoven. You’ll notice it’s not Beethoven as done on Glee.

That sums up perfectly, in two videos, in less than ten minutes, why I so wish I could move to somewhere oversees. While they don’t quite get everything right,(1) and some other things just mystify me,(2) I have a hard time viewing American culture as anything other than a watered-down, entertainment-obsessed, self-involved, Puritanical version of some pretty good cultures across the pond.


Maybe someday. Maybe someday I too can play tympani in a flash mob.

  1. Let’s face it: the Euro-zone isn’t working as well as everyone had hoped. When an itty-bitty economy like the one in Cyprus can nearly cripple and entire continent, something was poorly planned.
  2. Seriously, why the hell is Dr. Who so popular?

One comment on “continental

  1. Lol… Matt was really excited when he saw them wheeling out the tympani. I’m glad you enjoyed the video! Sometimes I feel like the guy in Mallrats that can’t see the sailboat. Except I don’t care about the sailboat, I just want to see a flash mob. I guess Findlay once had a Yoga flash mob, but that is seriously the lamest thing I’ve ever heard.

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