sunday adverbs vol. 24

There’s only one adverb on my mind right now:


Tomorrow Ashley begins her first-ever big-girl job. She is equal parts excited and nervous, and I am equal parts both of those things for her.

But…it’ll be weird.

It’ll be weird because we are that couple, the ones who do everything together. She’s been waking up early just to drive me to work. We go to the grocery store as a team. Even at home, with all the time we spend together, we hang out in the same room nearly all the time.

This is because we really, genuinely enjoy each other’s company. So even if she’s just going to take a nap, she wants to know if I’m going to be in the bedroom or the living room so she can nap in my vicinity. To other people I’m sure this would be annoying, perhaps even suffocating. But she’s my favorite person on the planet, and I love that I get to hang out with her almost all the time.

With her working 12-hour days, life will be very different. So while I’m very excited for her and nervous for her, I also know I’m going to miss her. My wife rules and I love being around her; it only makes sense that I will miss her greatly.


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