Why on Earth am I posting so late in the day?!?

The answer, O Faithful Reader(s), is simple. There’s a little iPad app that has caused me to lose roughly six hours of my life tonight: Audiobus.

Audiobus is an ingenious app that allows compatible iOS music apps to interact with each other. So I can play something from one app, a synth maybe, and record it into another app, and even use another app as an effects filter whilst doing so. Pretty awesome. My friend(1) Rob told me about it last year before it even came out, but when it did I found I didn’t have much use for it.


Earlier this week, Apple updated their own music app, GarageBand, to include Audiobus support. GarageBand happens to be my recording app of choice. Everything I’ve recorded on iPad – all of our wedding music – was done in GarageBand. It’s the app I understand best. Now that it has Audiobus support, the number of instruments available to me has greatly opened up. GarageBand doesn’t have brass or woodwinds, for example. But another app I use, ThumbJam, does.

So I had an idea earlier today and, while Ashley was out getting her hair did,(2) I started on it. Six hours later, and ladies and gentlemen: I have made a thing.

It’s only the beginning, and it’s still a bit rough around the edges, but let it be known that making this little ditty made my friggin’ day! It was the tympani that really brought it home for me.

I’m sure there’ll be more in the future. My goal is to see if I can record a full orchestral score of something using only the iPad. We’ll see what happens, but I’m optimistic.

May the Force be with you. Always.

  1. And fellow iOS rockstar
  2. She starts her new job on Monday and wanted to look all purty. Which I mean, c’mon. She’s only the purtiest gurl I ever done seen.

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