movin’ on up

As of roughly 12:30PM, EST, Ashley accepted a position with a company that helps out with organ donation. After over a year of frustration with the graduate program(1) she went through, and after several months of suspected shenanigans,(2) she was offered a job yesterday. I am very proud of her patience, and very happy that she gets to do something in a field she cares for so personally.

What’s also nice is that this’ll bump us from lower middle-class to upper-lower middle-class. These means that, while we can’t afford a second car yet, we can maybe afford like a scooter or something. Maybe one of those high-end tricycles. When we go to restaurants, we can be big spenders and get drinks or dessert.(3) Whoa!

But seriously. She’s been through a lot to get the this point; she deserves a good big-girl job. She’ll start work in two weeks.(4) Here’s hoping she’s happy doing it.

  1. I would advise anyone interested in it to avoid the University of Toledo’s Masters in Human Donation Science program. See note 2 below.
  2. We’re fairly certain the director of her program is actively keeping certain members of her class – the ones with integrity who didn’t care about being her pets – from getting jobs in the field.
  3. But not both. We’ll have to make it to lower-middle middle-class before that can happen.
  4. Working nights, which means you’ll see me on Xbox Live way more often.

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