sunday adverbs, vol 21

Things have been pretty quiet here at chez Butler this weekend. Nevertheless, now it’s time for Sunday Adverbs. And that’s always fun.


As I type this, my lovely wife is playing pretty much every 80s hit ever on her iPad. I grew up in the 80s too, but she and I have wildly different notions of good 80s music.(1) Yet, I love it when she gets in these moods. Most people maybe like 80s music; Ashley loves it. Almost all of it. She gets enthusiastic about it the same way that Nikki Sixx perks up in an aisle of Aqua-Net. So while the music itself grates on the old nerves a bit,(2) her unabashed love of it makes me smile.


And I’ll take all of that just a tad further and say that I love my wife the most I think when she gets ridiculously excited about the simplest things in the world.(3)


On a different note, I had a lot of fun making yesterday’s vlog post. I’d imagine they’re’ll be more in the future.


I noticed after I recorded yesterday’s video how much string noise my right hand is making. My thumb is also hitting the drum head at intervals. This will have to be worked out right away. Learning a bad habit when you’re learning a new instrument becomes harder and harder to undo the longer you let it go.


Ash and I have begun planning our next vacation, which we hope to take in November. It’s always fun how planning a vacation feels a little bit like vacation.


I’ve been playing Skyrim for a few months, logging an embarrassing number of hours on one character. Lately, I’ve been pretty frustrated  by the number of glitches I’ve had to deal with. I almost couldn’t complete one quest-line because the game couldn’t reconcile a choice I made months ago. It took me easily twice as much time to finish the quest-line than it should have simply because of this. I hope Bethesda addresses this sort of issue in the future.

And that’s all I have today. Ashley’s now listening to “Final Countdown,” a song that’s awesome for like a minute. Then he starts singing and you’re left wondering who sucked all the awesome out of the world. It’ll be in my head for days, but such are the sacrifices required of married life.

  1. I’ve set it before and I’ll say it again: there really was good music that came out in the 80s, contrary to popular belief. They just happened to have come out in the 80s, so to get to the good music you have to dig through a ton of synth and hairspray. But once you get there, some of it’s really good.
  2. Though it’s worth noting that my doctor upped the Cymbalta subscription this week, so I’ve been just this side of high since like Tuesday. Even this amount of 80s pop isn’t exactly like nails on the chalkboard right now.
  3. Her Happy Food Dance – though more of a pastiche of styles than an actual routine – is one of the most common and most beloved examples.

One comment on “sunday adverbs, vol 21

  1. Good 80’s music: Metallica. In fact, that’s the only Metallica I really care to hear. And, I don’t mind having “Final Countdown” in my head, because I think of GOB Bluth and his magic show dancing. Makes me giggle every time!

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