sunday adverbs, vol. 20

Well, it’s Oscar Sunday. Maybe you care, maybe you don’t. But you know what you should care about? Sunday Adverbs. Let’s roll.


A few months ago I railed against Spotify because they made me sign in with my Facebook account. I’ve been thinking this over during the past few weeks, because my desire to discover new music might just be stronger than my hatred of Facebook. In thinking it over, I realized that music, for me anyway, has always been a social activity. My first memories of music are listening to records with Dad. My first albums were dubbed on cassettes by friends. So I relented, and signed up for Spotify.


I’m already pretty pleased. So far I’ve discovered some really great stuff: The Civil Wars,(1) new Nick Cave, Ex Cops, and Old Crow Medicine Show.(2) I’ve given Radiohead a third chance,(3) checked out some of my friends’ music that I didn’t like, and other music I might like. So despite last week being so much shite on a waffle, at least I had good tunes.


When Ashley and I made the decision to move, we called our landlord almost immediately. He asked if we were going to stay until at least May, and I said we’d stay until our lease came up in August. His concern is that this is a college town and if you haven’t rented something by August, it’ll go unrented for the year. He seemed happy with my response. So Ashley and I looked for places that would come available in August and found a nice one. And then, the night before we were to sign the lease at the new place, we found out that our landlord wants us out in May so he can do some renovations. And he didn’t even tell us first. He told our new landlord when she called to see if we were good renters. So now we have a new lease in August and a lease that ends in May. June and July? I guess we’ll be camping in the in-laws’ back yard.


Home-ownership has never held much appeal to me. I’d rather not have to take care of things like water-heaters and sump pumps and power problems and plumbing and all that crap I don’t know anything about. I’ve never really needed a yard or wanted to paint the outside or plant a garden. The only plus I could ever see was the ability to have cats and dogs around without having to ask permission. When the housing market collapsed along with everything else back in ’08, I felt justified. But this shit with my landlord, it’s changing my mind. A lot.


This week will suck way less than last week and I can use this blog for more than just incessant bitching. But I make no promises!!

  1. Holy crap these two are good. Wikipedia says they’re on hiatus, citing differences of ambition. But I really hope not. This is one of the best new bands I’ve heard in all my life.
  2. Old-timey music, would fit right in on the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack. But they’re, you know, still alive.
  3. Never could convince myself they’re not about a boring as staring at especially silent rocks. Still not convinced.

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