calling it

This week sucked. Just sucked. Grab your Hoovers and power ’em up cuz there’s been some massive sucking going on.

And I don’t just mean it sucked. It suuuuuu-huuuckedBetween fibromyalgia kicking my ass and work being shite atop of shite, dealing with jerks everywhere else and the landlord telling me I can’t keep a place clean, I was fed up.(1) I certainly didn’t need to have his wife essentially using my disability against me to top off a bad day.(2)

But then, today…these tubfuckers at Valvoline yelled at me for not keeping to the 3,000-miles-per-oil-change thing. Because I’m sure all of their other customers keep to it like glue on double-sided tape. If they ‘d checked their history, they’d’ve seen that I’m nearly monastic about automobile maintenance. Nevertheless, they took this one lapse in my behavior to work out their own frustrations with their lives. It’s impossible to say what the real problem was, but as I sat there listening to them make fun of me, I just wanted to scream.

Instead, I just tried to remind myself that they’re every bit as human as I am. Who knows? Maybe they’re having a shitty week too. I’m just glad it’s over.(3)

  1. And let me just set the record straight on this one, okay? I’m the single most domesticated person this side of Donna Reed. I say things like, “Yes, honey, we can have sex tonight, but let me just finish doing the dishes first. And then I need to fold the laundry and clean the grout from the tile in the shower.” The fourth thing I do after waking up – literally the fourth thing – is clean out the litter-boxes. The fifth thing? Sweep the cat food off the floor. I can’t even stand I’m so tired, but the floor is clean. When I’m upset? I vacuum. I do the dishes. I dust the living room. So don’t come telling me I don’t know how to clean. Clean comes to me looking for pointers on removing stains, bitch!
  2. I have no sense of smell. Sure yes maybe this isn’t as life-threatening as being blind or deaf, but I am without one of my five senses. To attack me because something in my care allegedly smells is on par with berating a blind guy because he’s dressed funny. Tell me that is smells and give me a chance to address the issue. Don’t yell at me, bitch at me, and talk to me like I’m four years old!
  3. There were two high points this week, I should add. We went to dinner with my family for my brother-in-law’s birthday, plus there was cake. That was nice. And Ashley and I bought a new sofa. So it wasn’t all bad. But it was bad enough.

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