For two weeks now I’ve been crashing-coursing myself on Adobe Illustrator. I have years’ worth of Photoshop skillz, or at least enough that I can put a Death Star and/or lightsaber in any picture, viz:

me and ash with lightsaber and ds

I had so much more hair before I joined the Dark Side.

But when I came up with the monogram for our wedding, I had to come up with something wholly from scratch. And I had the feeling that it shouldn’t involve the Death Star or lightsabers.(1) This is when I figured out that Illustrator is much, much better suited for creation and Photoshop for manipulation.

Illustrator is tough to learn, though. And I didn’t have a clue as to what the phrase ‘vector graphics’ meant. So I did the best I could in Photoshop. Ashley loved it, which is all the really matters. But I secretly rued the fact that it got all distorted above a certain resolution.

Given a reason now at work, I’ve set upon the task of learning Illustrator. It’s not been easy, and in fact it’s left me feeling a tad fried most days. But after two weeks of work, this is what I’ve done:


And yes, it is supposed to look like it’s been drawn by a fifth-grader. With Parkinson’s.

It’s not great, but it doesn’t need to be for its purpose. This part is just a bit of background for some lettering. And the hand-drawn look is appropriate, which is good because that’s the best I can do right now.

I’m not a graphic designer(2) and have no idea what I’m doing. But the first time I recorded a song, I also had no idea what I was doing. Now, I’m pretty good at recording songs. Maybe in a while I’ll be good at using Illustrator. Maybe even graphic design. Who knows?

If nothing else, I’ll just keep dropping the Death Star into every picture I can. That I’m definitely good at.

  1. Though I did work lightsabers into my vow. The word ‘lightsaber,’ that is. Not an actual lightsaber.
  2. And from this example it’s obvious that I shouldn’t be.

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