sunday adverbs, vol. 19

Brought to you by the Coalition of Latter-Day Adverbs.


By my count, I had somewhere in the neighborhood of eight mixed drinks last night, mostly white Russians. Nevertheless, I managed to write a post, albeit a drunken one. So huzzah for hanging on to a goal even under the duress of several white Russians.

Even More Impressively

I awoke this morning no hangover, no headache, no dry-mouth, and not even feeling drained. In fact, I felt better this morning than I have on any morning in probably a month or so.


The solution to feeling better in the morning is more white Russians.

Annoyingly (part 1)

Ashley and I went to see a movie today, Beautiful Creatures. We don’t go to the movies often(1) but every time we do I remember why. The endless commercials we’re forced to watch before the movie begins are so tedious. And they’re preceded by commercials! “Next on Closer Look, we’ll look at a new, riveting medical-drama on TNT.” And then they show the commercial!!! And then after you’ve watched 15 minutes of commercials, they remind us of which commercials  we just watched!!!! Are Americans this stupid?!?!?

And then after the commercials you sit through a good 20 minutes of previews, each for a movie shittier than the last. Warm Bodies? World War Z? Ugh. At least the theater wasn’t crowded.


In fact, we were two of maybe twenty people at a Sunday-afternoon showing. So I don’t think the Beautiful Creatures franchise will be replacing the Twilight franchise in the way I’ve heard people talk.


Which is probably because it’s actually good. I haven’t read the book – hadn’t heard of it until Ashley talked about – but the movie was pretty decent.(2) I’m still hoping there will be more movies, and not just because Emmy Rossum was majorly hot in it.



The MagSafe adaptor for my MacBook Pro is no longer working. I’ve had my computer about a year and a half. Upon searching the Apple website, I found the listing for it at the Apple Store…where it has a shocking 1.5-out-of-5 star-rating. Apparently, getting 1.5 years out of it makes me lucky. I’m really surprised that Apple doesn’t do something about this. But they won’t do anything for me…I have to buy a new one. Jerks.

  1. The last one was that piece of shit The Dark Knight Rises.
  2. Ashley reports that the movie wasn’t very faithful to the novel, but that it was good as its own entity.

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