a few things on a Friday

One: Yesterday’s post was my 500th post, which is the most I’ve ever posted on any of my blogs ever.

Two: As I type this, an asteroid is hurtling toward Earth at a speed of about five miles-per-second. I am not prepared for this: I don’t own a copy of Armageddon. How did I let this sort of thing happen?

Three: I can understand people not liking President Obama. But I don’t understand if people don’t think he’s the coolest president we’ve ever had. Click on the video below and go to about 43:30.

That’s him talking to author John Green, one of the leaders of something called Nerdfighteria. I won’t go into the whole thing because you can look it up if you care to. But I will say that one of their mottos is Don’t Forget To Be Awesome. And here is President Obama telling John Green and his wife, Sara, to share that very advice with their unborn child. You can watch John’s reaction as he nearly shits his pants.

Four: I’m feeling a bit off today. Tired, achy, unfocused. So this is about all the effort I have for a blog post. I can’t even get myself to do up some footnotes. And you know how I love footnotes.


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