Yesterday Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would resign as Supreme Pontiff. He says he’s too tired to carry on, which at the age of 85 is totally believable. He didn’t do much during his papacy other than squander some of the goodwill the Catholic church had left, but at least he joined Twitter, right?(1)

What’s getting to me is the vast number of news sources carrying this – and related – stories. I’ve heard more about the pope today than I did cumulatively in every Mass I ever attended. You would think he stole a mic from Taylor Swift during an awards ceremony while simultaneously marrying a gay male reality tv star who’d recently announced he’d be running for President on the Republican ticket in 2016 with Gary Busey as a running mate endorsed by Donald Trump.

This isn’t, I think, to be taken as a reflection of the significance of the Holy See, but as a sign of how mind-numbingly bored our media outlets are these days. But I guess that’s what’s to be expected.

Traditionally, the College of Cardinals(2) will elect a new Pope soon, as we all know from watching Eurotrip. But if the process becomes democratized, I’ll have some options. I considered it when I saw the application, but I’d have to divorce Ashley and that’s definitely a deal-breaker for anything.

  1. I’ll point out that it’s been almost exactly two months after his foray into social media that Pope Benedict XVI announced finding the job too exhausting. There’s a connection there.
  2. Old guys in red robes, but not these guys.

One comment on “poped

  1. Too pooped to Pope? First I’ve heard of it but I’ve been away from media the past week and it’s been a breath of fresh air. Glad to hear the news is so boring lately though it might just mean they are hiding something.

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