recommended read

This year I’m making a concerted effort not to re-read books. Like listening to the same bands or wearing the same pair of underwear over and over, re-reading the same books is comfortable but starts to wear on you after a while. Reading, after all, is an exploration. It’s a way of looking at reality and saying, “Yeah…but what else have you got?”

The Night Circus UKTo that end, when a friend of mine recommended The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, I grabbed a copy as soon as I could. I’m only about 80 pages into right now,(1) but I’m loving every single one of them. It’s a story of magic – real magic – and intrigue, a gentlemen’s wager, and hints at love. It’s a story more stitched together over time than given in straight exposition. So far, it’s brilliant.

So hie thee to thy neighborhood bookseller.(2) Pick up a copy of Ms. Morgenstern’s debut novel and enjoy.

  1. Roughly 20%
  2. Or, you know, Amazon. Whichever you can afford. I’d love to shop at local booksellers, but a) we only have one and it’s a used bookseller so finding new books is impossible, and b) new books are wildly expensive at online independent bookstores. Libraries, though, are always free!

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