transplant check-up

Everything went just fine at Ashley’s transplant check-up. At about five-and-half years out, she’s more healthy than anyone would have dared to imagine. She might need sinus surgery, but despite that that sounds like about the worst thing ever to have to go through, it is apparently nothing to be seriously concerned about.

I only wish everything would have gone as well getting to the check-up. We had to leave at 6AM and drive though a large portion of Ohio covered in a Winter Storm Advisory. The weather wasn’t bad, but the moisture and the salt from the road coated the windshield pretty bad and the wind was so cold that the wiper fluid kept freezing in the line. There were portions over by Youngstown that I would say I approximated more than drove through.

But we made it, despite all that and the vehicular douchbaggery that usually accompanies bad weather, and everything was well. I got the wiper fluid working on the way home and used it about every two minutes so it wouldn’t freeze. So we made it home just fine.

Now it’s time to catch up on some sleep. Five hours of sleep to eight hours of driving is a skewed ratio in my book.


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