I remember when I first saw this:

From Walt Disney's Bambi

From Walt Disney’s Bambi

and this:

From Disney's Aladdin

From Disney’s Aladdin

and this:

From Jurassic Park

From Jurassic Park

Then stuff like this came along:


From Terminator 2

And this:

From Monster's Inc.

From Monster’s Inc.

and this:

From Star Wars Episode Two: Attack of the Clones

From Star Wars Episode Two: Attack of the Clones

And while it’s all amazing, animation – especially computer animation – is something I hardly take note of anymore. It’s not something I wonder at. I notice if it’s bad; I notice if it’s great. But I no longer think, “Wow! How’d they do that?!”

Until today.

This is Disney’s short “Paperman.” It’s done with a mix of hand-drawn and computer animation. And it’s the first time in probably a decade I’ve been totally floored by a piece of animation. I’m always so grateful when something awakens my sense of wonder. Or, in this case, reawakens.


3 comments on “wonder

  1. My understanding is that Paperman is entirely computer generated… but the animator has the ability to redefine the lines after rendering, which is kind of like “painting” on top of the 3D objects.

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