sunday adverbs, vol. 16

Well, it’s Sunday! So let’s make with the adverbs!


This afternoon I have to go into work for a bit. It’ll only be an hour at most, but still. It’s irritating that I have to go in because our new software isn’t working the way it should.


Today is GIR’s second birthday! Happy birthday to the coolest cat ever!

Shortly after we brought him home.

GIR, shortly after we brought him home.

GIR today, with Chirpet and Nora. He's kinda the Shaft of cats.

GIR today, with Chirpet and Nora. He’s kinda the Shaft of cats.


We’re also celebrating Ashley’s brother’s birthday later today. As I’m the resident baker, I asked him which type of cake he wanted. Jokingly he said he wanted an Oreo cake. I though Challenge accepted! I combined different parts of three recipes and improvised a little bit, and here’s the resulting Roreo Cake:(1)


It’s okay if you’re drooling.


It’s the cake that almost wasn’t. A few weeks ago I’d tried to make a cake for Ashley’s mom, but it didn’t turn out. I thought it was because I’d forgotten to grease the pans. So yesterday I made a big show to Ashley when I greased the pans…and the cake still stuck to them like superglue to double-sided tape. That’s when I discovered the real culprit:

Stupid Kroger

Stupid Kroger


Ash and I have had to be rather frugal since we got married because various government agencies gave us incorrect information.(2) So when we were at the store a few weeks ago, I bought the store-brand cooking spray because it was a buck or two cheaper. Turns out though that it doesn’t work worth a damn. This stupid cooking spray has cost us a good five bucks in wasted ingredients.


The cake’s done. And once I’m done with this post, I’m free to play video games and read for the rest of the day. Oh, except that I have to go into work today. Grrrrr.

  1. Him name is Rory, so it’s sort of a family thing to do a little portmanteau to get Roreo. We’re clever people.
  2. More on that another day.

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