So there’s a pretty good rumor going around that the one and only Beyoncé lip-synced her way through the National Anthem during yesterday’s inauguration. Personally, I can’t stand the way she sings(1) so I couldn’t bring myself to find out. But here’s the YouTube clip so you can decide for yourself.

Beyoncé sings(?) the National Anthem

I’ve heard this called Lipsyncgate, which is awesome because no good President can get through two terms without a *gate. The other plus is that Ms. __________(2) is set to sing in the Super Bowl in two weeks, so this Lipsyncgate will have a fair amount of staying power.

Again, I can’t say for certain. Nor do I really care that much, or at least not enough to listen to her sing. But I’ll tell you what I noticed. Let’s watch Mr. James Taylor do his thing.

James Taylor at the 2013 Inauguration

Okay: you’ll notice all the coats and gloves. That’s because the temperature was about 40 degrees in D.C. yesterday.

Guitars – especially acoustic guitars – are especially difficult to keep in tune in cold weather. Even a very nice guitar such as the one Mr. Taylor is playing is very susceptible to the contraction of both the wood and the metal strings in cold weather. Along with that, one’s fingers get difficult to move smoothly with any real speed. Mr. Taylor’s arrangement is, like most of his arrangements, complex. And while he certainly has more experience playing in cold weather than I do, I have enough to know that that arrangement would be a challenge.

Am I saying James Taylor guitar-synced? Am I starting Guitarsyncgate? Not exactly. But we do only see him play twice – at the beginning and end – and one can more easily play along with a recording without anyone noticing than one can lip-sync. I’m saying it’s possible. It’s something I noticed when I was watching.

And I would have kept it to myself but that we’re apparently tossing out evidence of possible *gates for President Obama’s second term. So that’s mine.

Up next? Photobombgate.

Presidential photobomb

Click to view the GIF if it’s a still image.

  1. Or pretty much any R&B singer for that matter.
  2. How does one formally address a one-named star?

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