sunday adverbs, vol. 15

Well, here we are: Sunday, Sunday, Sundaaaay!! (Does anyone do that anymore? Is that still a thing?)

Not Surprisingly

In the end, we found ourselves unable to surrender the kittens. For medical reasons, Ash and I may not be able to have children. The cats represent the only family we may ever be able to have. Given that, we just couldn’t do it. We’ve put a lot of effort into making sure these kittens are happy, healthy and socialized; because of this, and because they were born in our place, they really do feel like they’re our children.


The people at the Humane Society actually sounded relieved, which was a little funny. They informed us of a food-assistance program under which they will essentially give us some cat food once or twice a month when they have some available. Since all cats are most certainly part of the 47%, Ash and I had no problem signing up for the entitlement. If they would get off their lazy butts and get a job to help out around here, that’d be different. But as it stands, we’ll take a little kitten welfare for now.


We’ve found a house we’ll be able to rent(1) beginning in August. The rent is reasonable, a real rarity around here. In a college town, if you have a two-bedroom house to rent you could get four people living in there. Four people(2) can easily come up with $1000+ in rent. And college students don’t really care too much if it’s small or dingy or whatever. Finding a decent house for a reasonable price in this town is like finding two people working on a real, actual compromise in Congress these days. So in a few months we’ll have a bit more room for all these cats.


The house has a screened-in porch, giant closets, a mud-room off the kitchen,(3) and a gas fireplace. Which means that come August – and especially ’round October when it gets cold enough – yours truly will have about the happiest wife ever.


I’ve read that both Mississippi and Texas are working on legislation to make any sort of federal gun-control regulation against the law in those states. This just goes to show the sheer stupidity of some people. We can talk about states’ rights v. federal rights until we’re blue in the face.(4) But no matter which powers you want state legislature to have, they do not have the right to declare federal laws illegal. If that’s what you idiots want, then let’s just break the country up right now and I’ll move to whichever new nation abolishes big trucks and NASCAR. Furthermore, you don’t have to get into a pissing contest over this. The feds can write the law(5) but they can’t enforce it at that level. The NRA, with help from Congress, has enervated the ATF, so what’s to be done? Nothing. You guys aren’t merely against gun-control laws; you just want to prove you have the biggest set of balls in the country. Idiots.


Today’s the day of NFL Conference Championships. Last weekend went horribly awry for me as a fan, requiring me to root for the New England Patriots this weekend. This’ll be a first. But Baltimore…Baltimore…I don’t even have the words. I name my hate thusly: Baltimore.

And that’s a wrap for me today, O Faithful Reader(s). Enjoy your Sunday and here’s hoping you get a second Sunday tomorrow for Dr. MLK, Jr. Day.

  1. Pending application approval. All terms and conditions can change without notice. Side effects may include headache, dizziness, nausea and loss of limb. Batteries not included. See our website for details.
  2. With help from financial aid and/or Mitt Romney’s parents.
  3. I’m so excited about this; it’s the perfect place to put the litter boxes. Right now we don’t have a good spot for them so they’re right out in the open. Which means all our guests get to see our cats’ poop, something I don’t even know how to apologize for so I just don’t even bring it up and though no one else seems to care much, to me it’s the giant elephant turd in the room.
  4. And it’s been the divisive issue in this country since like 1798, so don’t expect a quick solution.
  5. In theory. As in they’re allowed to. We all know this thing’s going to come down to basically nothing.

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