sunday adverbs, vol. 14


Sometime ago I did these short bits on Sundays. I called them Sunday Adverbs because a) I like adverbs, and b) calling them Sunday Bullets would make it obvious that I’ve ripped the idea from a better blogger than I. I’ve decided, to help with my goal of blogging every day this year, to bring back Sunday Adverbs. I did 13 of them before, which is why I’m starting at volume 14. So now that you’re all caught up…


We the People is a website the Obama Administration created at which pretty much anyone can submit a petition and pretty much anyone can peruse petitions and “sign” them. If a petition gets enough signatures, the White House will respond. While there are a few good petitions out there,

Taxpayer-funded research

most of them are either hateful in some way,

Call to investigate

or just plain stupid.

hammers and bats

Though, again, some are useful,

down with westboro

it’s not at all shocking that people use this website to petition for wholly ridiculous things. And that some of those petitions get a large number of signatures.


The funniest thing you’re likely to read today is the White House’s response to the petition that the U.S. build a Death Star, appropriately titled

This is not the petition response you are looking for

Read it here.


I’d counted on Peyton Manning and the Broncos to take the stupid Baltimore Ravens out of the playoffs. But the Broncos’ defense decided to stop playing in the last minute of regulation, and then Peyton choked in overtime and threw an interception. So now I might have to root for the Patriots – if they beat Houston today – because I might strongly dislike Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, but I really hate the Ravens in the way that only an Ohioan can.


There are, in my opinion, few things better than an overcast Sunday. They’re prefect for reading an entire book and then playing a video game. Or maybe starting another book.


Of the twelve living beings in this house, I am the only one awake. This is also one of my favorite things, to enjoy the near-absolute silence. Now that I’ve blogged today, I think I’ll grab a book and some coffee and sit in bed next to my lovely sleeping wife.

Enjoy your day!


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