pynchon in public

May 8th will be Pynchon in Public day. Here’s what that means, from the website:

Hereby instigating an annual May 8th culture jamming festival to be herein evidenced by photographic, textual, cartographic and video documentation. To prove it really happened, that our world was not projected.

Post horns, W.A.S.T.E. insignia, the novels of Thomas Pynchon read unashamedly on trains, while still sub rosa.

It is simple, it is inevitable, it has begun.

Twitter: @Pynchoninpublic and #Pynchon2012

Suggestions for the day itself:

1) Reading books, in public, by or about Thomas Pynchon.
2) Reading work of his ‘heirs’, such as David Foster Wallace, David Mitchell, Neal Stephenson and Dave Eggers.
3) Reading work of authors who have cited Pynchon as an influence. These include: Don DeLillo, Ian Rankin, William Gibson, Alan Moore, Bruce Sterling and David Cronenberg.
4) Reading any other work, for example Katie Price’s/Britney Spear’s latest biography, preferably with a sticker on the cover, ‘My Other Book Is A Thomas Pynchon’.
5) Organising a local version of the W.A.S.T.E. postal network, as described in ‘The Crying of Lot 49′.
6) Calling local radio stations, requesting they play ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ by the Klaxons and other Pynchon-themed songs.
7) Organise a ‘Philately Gone Wild’ club night. Patrons could come dressed as their favourite Pynchon character, covered in mute post horn symbols in body paint or Weimar era cabaret stars.
8) Launching model V-2 rockets in an appropriate safe open area.
9) Post the muted posthorn everywhere (see below).
10) Take a hot-air balloon trip in honour of the Airship Boys in Against the Day. Openly carry a copy of the book as you do so.
11) Pledge to begin writing a Pynchon-influenced novel or short story.
12) Read The Education of Henry Adams in public.
13) Buttonhole strangers at random and explain to them the process of entropy.
14) Adopt a Pynchon character’s name for the day.
16) Register with then read and release Pynchon books on the 8th May.

MutedPosthorn I haven’t been this brand of excited since Infinite Summer.


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