for this i need a whole different kind of drool

I thought all I’d have to post about today was going to be getting punched in the face by work again. The morning was as busy as yesterday’s and perhaps a tad more annoying. But as the noon hour became nigh I realized I had a bit of time to sit down and eat lunch. And that was when I discovered a whole new level of deliciousness:

And its name is Cookie Butter.

And its name is Cookie Butter.

Cookie Butter is like peanut butter, but made with – you guessed it – cookies! Gingerbread cookies! All these years I’ve been seeking the perfect admixture of decadence, putting peanut butter atop of all manner of cookie…and here all I had to do was crush the cookies until they made their own kind of butter! It’s so simple it’s genius!!

I don’t think you’ll want to make a cookie-butter sandwich; it’s a bit much for that.(1) But topping a few crackers with it was awesome, and the ol’ finger-scoop-in-the-jar thing was every bit as rewarding as it sounds.

At first I was concerned that I’d have to drive up to Ann Arbor to the nearest Trader Joe’s to get a jar of my own.(2) I don’t mind the drive, but they don’t let you into Trader Joe’s unless you can prove you’ve used the words food porn nineteen times in the last two weeks, or unless you’re a card-carrying member of the Organization of Food Fetishists, American Legion. Since I don’t and am not, I figured this taste would be my last.

But, like any good junkie, I turned to the internets and HUZZAH!! it can be gotten from Amazon! Us regular people can have some too! They only have ten nine left in stock, so you’d better hop over there if you want some.

And trust me: you do.

  1. Though of course don’t let me tell you want you can and can’t eat.
  2. This jar was brought in by a co-worker, which now that I think about it I probably shouldn’t have scooped my finger into what is essentially community food.

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