funny stuff

Blogging on the weekends is a little tough. My weekdays are eight hours of near-constant interruption, so what I enjoy about the weekends is long hours of focusing on one thing at a time. It’s tough for me to fit in thinking about – and then crafting – a blog post. I could try to construct my weekend posts through the week, but I’ve never been an advance-blogger. Almost every post I write is written the day it gets posted.

Well and but so anyway: I don’t have much of interest for you today.

Luckily, the Vlogbrothers – Hank and John Green – are always making interesting things. So here today I give you Hank Green doing 53 jokes in under four minutes. What I enjoy about the video isn’t go much the jokes – which aren’t bad – but his delivery. He reminds me of a student who worked for me years ago who was perhaps the best joke-teller I’ve ever met. And, like that student, Hank quite clearly really enjoys his own jokes, which always helps.



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