Well, today began the 113th Congress. So far they elected a Speaker of the House, and once again it’s John Boehner. Readers: I want to point out that although I’m from Ohio, I am in no way responsible for him being in the House. I don’t live in his district, nor even close to it. I just feel I need you all to understand that so that I can continue on thinking my three or four readers don’t hold me in any way responsible. Maybe it won’t be so bad this time;; we’ll see what happens over the next two years. Though I’m not expecting them to do much of anything.

Speaking of not doing anything, I really didn’t want to get out bed this morning. It was so warm and soft when my alarm went off, and I had a purring kitten cuddling with me. After a ten-minute snooze, I tried again but…no. It’s been so cold out and there’s lovely snow on the ground and that makes for such wonderful afternoons spent with coffee and a good book.(1) Ashley tried to get me to play hooky…but I couldn’t do it. I got up, with coffee being the only happy thought in my somnambulist brain.

And I have a feeling that tomorrow morning I’m going to have to fight the same battle. Lucky this is a short week.

  1. Currently revisiting the Harry Potter series, which I’ve wanted to do since we visited Hollywood Studios Orlando back in October but was in the middle of a pretty tough book at the time.

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