Headlines early this morning were all about Congress allegedly averting the fiscal cliff. Which, let’s face it: all they did was put it off for a few months. But okay. Something was done by our do-nothing Congress. Huzzah, am I right?

As the day wore on, I saw more and more headlines about how members of Congress are really, really pissed that no vote was made regarding a sixty billion dollar bill for Hurricane Sandy relief. By about noon, I stopped hearing about the fiscal cliff almost altogether. Instead, there were now videos from Congressmen decrying the injustice of not voting on the Sandy bill.


I’m so pissed about the hypocrisy of this that I hope I don’t have to get my blood pressure taken for at least a week. The audacity of this Congress to bitch about how they really needed Congress to step up and help out the American people is intolerable. Especially after driving us so close to the so-called fiscal cliff that all the fat people had to move the back of the bus so it wouldn’t tip over the edge.

This session of Congress only passed 151 bills, most of them aimed at naming federal buildings. By comparison, President Truman’s Congress passed 906 bills! So, at best, this recently ended session accomplished 84% less than Truman’s Do-Nothing Congress! And then these people get to sit back and bitch about a bill that Congress did nothing about?

Let me tell you something, and this is directed at you, Representative King: I wish the people of New York and New Jersey would have gotten some federal aid, don’t get me wrong. And I’ll point out that they still might. The new session of Congress begins at noon tomorrow. I understand it’ll take you all a bit of time to get settled in and whatnot, but I would think by maybe next Tuesday you could get it to the floor. The bill, purportedly, is ready to go. It’s already tailored to pass. So you just have to get it scheduled and vote. Let’s assume that the vote passes. (I’ll point out that, based on the session that just ended, there’s a 16% chance that this will all go as smoothly as I’ve stated and that the bill will pass.) So by next Thursday federal offices can start spending money to help the people of New York and New Jersey. So maybe it’ll be like a week before the vote happens. But let’s say maybe it takes two weeks.

That is still less than half of the amount of time we spent waiting on you assholes to figure out this fiscal cliff thing. The very first item on the agenda after President’s Obama re-election was the address those tax cats, and you all only got to it seven weeks later with your back so up against the deadline you probably should have slapped it for getting a bit frisky.

So spare the American people your indignation. Spare us your grandstanding, your bombastic rhetoric. Just show up tomorrow at noon and do the job the American people hired you to do. And if someone’s not doing his or her job – such as Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor – do what the rest of us out here do: call them out on it. But don’t use the national media and most certainly DO NOT make it sound like you’re perfect. You’re just as much a part of Obama’s Do-Nothing Congress as they are. So spare us. Shut the fuck up and get to work.


One comment on “stfu

  1. In all seriousness, you expect way too much from our elected officials.

    And nobody is sadder about than me.

    Or perhaps SALTALAMACCHIA! May he protect us all in these dark times…

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