2012, The Year of Our Wedding

Ash and I got married back in October, and that’s how I’ll always remember 2012. Even though I don’t remember a great deal about the wedding itself…other than my bride. She was as beautiful as anything Keats ever wrote an ode on, even when she went Gangnam style.

Gangnam style bride

Sorry it’s blurry. One must be prepared for Gangnam style and I? I was not.

The Year of Our Marriage

For me, being married is a natural step we’ve been heading toward since shortly after we ran into each other again. It’s a rare thing, when you see your future standing in front of you. But if you just keep focused, what was once your future will become your today. And every day after.


All decked out to go Krogering. Cuz that’s how we roll.

The Year of The Kittens

Okay, I’ll admit it. My stupidest decision of the year was this: I’ll coax the pregnant stray into the apartment and make a nice place for her to have her babies. That was back in March. The stray? She’s still here. Along with the three cats we already had. And her six babies? Well, they’re still here too. Just two minutes ago, in fact, they knocked over a chair in the other room. Because they’re not cute little kittens anymore but willful, needy, perhaps overly socialized teenagers.


Though I do write better with a Chirpet on my forearm.

The Year of Managed, Chronic Pain

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. In a way it was a relief because I finally had an explanation for how much I hurt all the time, how much I felt prematurely geriatric. More (literally) nerve-wracking than the diagnosis was the proposed solution: Cymbalta. I was afraid of it to begin with, and adjusting to it was hard. I was in less pain, yes, but rewiring your brain has some side-effects. Thanks to Cymbalta, 2012 is also

The Year I Started Napping

This may seem like an odd thing to remember a year by, but I’ve never been a person who naps. Even as a toddler, Mom and I had an understanding that I would stay in my room for an hour or so and be relatively quiet, but no way was I going to sleep. Cymbalta changed that. Not just because I’m tired all the time, but because Cymbalta is primarily an anti-anxiety drug. It’s much, much easier to spend an afternoon sleeping when you’re not focused on everything you could be doing.

The Year of Inept Politicians

This year, politicians stopped pretending to represent the American people and instead just touted their parties’ agendas and ideologies at every turn, resulting in failed policy changes and extravagant games of chicken in which both contestants end up unscathed in ditches. Here in Ohio, the governor got bitch-slapped when his pet project was rejected by popular vote. The ineptitude goes beyond our borders as well. Greece is on their third major bailout and they still don’t understand that you have to legislate your way out of hard times even though the people will hate you. The king of Spain went elephant hunting while his people faced some pretty tough austerity measures. The new president of France ran on a platform the backbone of which was just found unconstitutional by the courts. And Silvio Berlusconi is once again for Prime Minister of Italy, despite a laundry list of legal trouble with convictions. The only politician who appears wholly in charge of her faculties is the Chancellor of Germany, who despite being a bit scary at times has her shit – and her nation – together.

The Year of Inept Populace

The only way ineptitude can become so overwhelming pervasive at that level is if the majority of the populace has given up their right to critical thinking. The U.S. is leading the mental decline, but most of the Western world is tumbling along with us. We not only tolerate but engage with overtly biased media sources, who in turn provide us with the part of the story we want to believe. This is what lead to Karl Rove’s abject refusal to believe President Obama had won a second term. He was a tool of the will of millions of American who want Fox News to tell them nothing more than that they are right in their simplified convictions. Because Americans – and people the world over – want more to hear that they’re right than to consider whether something is wrong or right.

The Year of Corporate Desperation

Is anyone else getting a ton of email every day from all kinds of places offering all kinds of sales? I had to unsubscribe from Best Buy four times. Amazon offers me deals on Kindle titles daily. Microsoft developed an OS with a UI overhaul that’s essentially useless on any non-touch-screen PC. Apple brought out the iPad Mini, though no one knows why…it’s not like they weren’t selling iPads. Verizon is offering stupid deals just to get people to off of their unlimited data plans. Sprint’s bet the farm on the iPhone. Black Friday bled into Thanksgiving day…and Christmas day, too. When corporations get desperate, we should start asking why. While’s we taking advantage of great deals of course.

And, on a Final Note: The Year of Strings and Synths

I talked about it yesterday a bit, but this is the year I began to think beyond the standards of the pop-rock music I’ve grown up on and always emulated. Thanks to the iPad, I learned to incorporate stringed instruments into my songs. I learned to create my own arrangements of classical string pieces, which means delving into those pieces by long-dead composers and understanding how they work. This is also the year I began to understand synths. Sort of. I can’t really work any of the synth apps I’ve purchased, but I understand the concept for the first time in my life. These two things together have provided a new approach to music, in much the same way that reading Gravity’s Rainbow and Infinite Jest gave me a new approach to books. I’m excited to see what comes of all of this.


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