you say it’s your birthday?

Today my little sister has turned 30, and I’m really quite proud of her. Even though she’s the youngest, she’s accomplished quite a bit during her first three decades on Earth:

  • She was the first of us to break an appendage;
  • She was the first of us to get stitches;
  • She was the first of us to have a new group of friends literally every week;
  • She was the first to get her ears pierced;
  • She was the first to let her ear-holes close up because she couldn’t abide even the thought of having the ear-rings changed;(1)
  • She took piano lessons and became really quite good;(2)
  • She once wrote a song called “The Song with No Words” which I found and played and to which I started singing the words;(3)
  • While the other girls in her class listened to stupid NKOTB, she rocked out with Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd;
  • She founded a local metal garage band;
  • She grew up to be quite the awesome headbanger;
  • And able to rock a bass guitar better than most;(4)
  • She went to college;
  • She managed hotels;
  • She was a part-time Canadian for a while;
  • She’s the mother to one of the happiest kids I’ve ever seen;
  • And rocks being a stay-at-home mom like she should be getting paid for it;
  • All that, and she a Finance Minister too.

There’s that saying out there that you don’t get to choose your family, which is true unless you’re a Jackson.(5) And though I know I haven’t always been the best brother I could have been, there’s never been a time I would have chosen someone else to be my sister.

So happy birthday, kiddo. I know you have a pretty strict policy against hugging, touching, and other such “gooey” things, but I’m going to tell you I love you anyway. Deal with it.

  1. The screams from said still hang in a cloud about Terra Haute to this day.
  2. At playing what’s actually on the page, I should add. I’m still way better at playing what should be on the page.
  3. It was a song from a movie that she must have forgotten where she’d heard it.
  4. Our brother is a wickedly awesome drummer, capable of playing rhythms faster with his feet than I can with my hands. To be honest, I’m the reason we could never form sort of a metal Von Trapp type family – I just don’t have their speed.
  5. Some assembly required.

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