volleying for perspective

So…Europe is falling apart. That’s a thing now. Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece have pretty much just lint and old numbers of barmaids in their collective pockets. Whenever they ask the EU for mo’ money, the Chancellor of Germany refuses to give any unless the they country in question passes more austerity measures. Which sounds as bad as it is. Austere It comes from an old Greek word meaning making the tongue dry and rough. Because when you can’t afford to eat that’s pretty much what happens. Especially when you’re on your fourth or fifth austerity measure, like Greece is.

This all makes the Chancellor sound like a pretty horrible lady, but in truth Europe is burning because the other Europeans refuse to be more like Germans w/r/t how they deal with money, viz., responsibly. And so well of course it’s only a matter of time before austerity measures + inept leadership + unpaid workers = country-wide strikes.

Oh, and so of course since we’ve created this concept of the global market over the previous half-century, what happens in Europe affects our own stock markets pretty heavily. It is, in fact, a small world, after all. And so this slow but stable emergence from recession that we’ve been attempting for the last four years might be knocked off track by Europeans who long ago smashed their piggy banks so they could buy cars they knew they couldn’t afford.

And then also, in more localized news, the guy who replaced General Petraeus in Afghanistan, General Allen, is also in some trouble with the lady who blew the whistle on the whole Petraeus/Broadwell affair in the first place. Turns out that when she called the FBI and let them dig through her email for evidence, they also found evidence of her flirting with General Allen. And possibly more than just flirting. Some women I guess just dig the uniform.

To complicate matters even more, some pundits – and Congressmen(1) – think that perhaps the timeline of this whole Petraeus thing might be a bit dodgy. There’s this notion that maybe the whole thing is meant to keep the general from testifying about the attacks on Benghazi, in which a U.S. ambassador was killed along with three other Americans. There’s also this notion that people in the government knew about the Petraeus affair from back in like October but that it was kept quiet until after the election. Though of course curiously one person who knew and kept quiet was a Republican, a fact few people can reconcile with the aforementioned conspiracy theory.

Also, a good number of people in New York are still without electricity. And the interim CEO(2) of the Long Island Power Authority has resigned. LIPA is being heavily criticized for its circa 2005 FEMA-esque slowness w/r/t getting people power again, and so this guy just gives up. Which I’m sure will help the citizen of Long Island get their electricity back.

Let see, what else? Oh, this one’s a good one: Democrats are considering – without the endorsement of the White House I should add – falling over the so-called fiscal cliff. Meaning they want to let the tax-credits expire just so they have a bit more political capital to spend in the future. Because it’s always worth seriously fucking with American lives just so you can get a bigger pair of balls on the bargaining table down the road.

And so well obviously I could go on and on. But I won’t. Because I’m going to spend the rest of my afternoon playing with the nice, pretty iMac I got for work today. And then when I get home I’m going to play with the ten cats(3) who freeload live at our place. And I’ll hang out with the very pretty lady who a bit over a month ago agreed to marry me. And it’ll all be good.


  1. Don’t take the fact that I’ve separated Congressmen from pundits as any indication that I believe one group to be smarter or more credible than the other. Congressmen these days are mostly just pundits without a network.
  2. Though, it’s important to point out that he’d been interim CEO for like two years.
  3. Well, more like 8. Sundae, the kittens’ mom, only interacts with humans from 6:30 to 8 AM and from 9 to 10:30 at night. And Randal doesn’t play. Ever.

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