so the director of the CIA and a puppeteer walk into a bar…

For those keeping track, we now live in a world in which a) the Director of the CIA and b) the performer behind a beloved children’s program puppet have both run into a bit of sex-related trouble.

So this guy:

resigned his position after the FBI discovered he had an extra-marital affair. With his biographer. Which I guess is one way to make certain you’re remembered fondly by history.

And this guy:

is on temporary leave after Sesame Workshop discovered he’d been having sex with a 23-year-old man. For the past seven years. Which means he was sixteen when it started.

What amazes me in both of these situations is that there was so much at stake for both of them. General Petraeus is more decorated than a Christmas tree at Magic Kingdom. He’s done about the best anyone could do with the political clusterfuck that has been Afghanistan. Kevin Clash – the Elmo guy – created and plays the favorite puppet of just about everyone under the age of five. There is a lot for both of these men to lose, yet here they are on the verge of losing it all.

And neither of these guys are young. That’s the other part. I expect this sort of recklessness to come from the same age-group whose members I nearly run over every day because they’re that convinced that they’re invincible. But from grown men – or at least grown men who aren’t in Congress, running a state and/or country, or leading the charge against any type of “unwholesome” behavior – who seem perfectly capable of reason, it’s shocking.

What bothers me is the lack of thinking exemplified in their behavior. You’d think, for example, that the Director of the CIA might be marginally aware that people’s email sometimes get hacked. That someone’s always watching. You’d think that a guy working on a children’s program wouldn’t have sex with anything under the age of like 87 just to play it safe. He can have all the sex he wants. He can probably even get away with having sex with men without too much fallout. But stay away from anyone who even looks like he or she might be even remotely underage.

Unless maybe they wanted to turn the work they’ve spent their entire adult lives doing into a joke.


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