There are many reasons to love November. For one, it’s a great month for Bo’s Super Delicious Pumpkin Bread, which aside from being super delicious is also pretty simple to make. And the recipe makes three friggin’ loaves, yielding enough to share, which usually benefits the people I’m still adjusting to calling my in-laws.(1)


But the reason I’m in love with today is the end of stupid Daylight Savings Time. Aside from the fact that it flies in the face of all logic, it’s completely unnecessary.(2) Now that we’re back on real-time, it’ll be dark by 6PM.

I know a lot of people hate the long night,(3) but I’ve always loved it. It’s a significant part of the year winding down for me, just like the leaves changing color and children wearing first jackets and then coats and then hats and gloves too. And so now that we’ve all Fallen Back we can carry on on real-time, just as The Big Bang intended, marching along toward the end of yet another revolution around the sun.

  1. Ash’s dad downed almost an entire loaf one year while he was making Thanksgiving dinner. The man gets enthusiastic about many things, but cakes and breads are at the top of the list. I’m alive to the fact that this may have played no small part in his agreeing to let me marry his first-born.
  2. Let’s just move time ahead by half an hour, splitting the difference, dance and go home happy.
  3. Batman especially.

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