thoughts on the week

Ohio is cold. The high temperature here on Sunday was 10 degrees lower that the low temperature in Florida. Most of the time I don’t mind the cold. In fact I kind of love it. But this week I’ve been cold most of the time, especially at the hairless crest that is the top of my head. It sort of sucks, not that I’m cold but that I’m noticing that I’m cold. Stupid Florida.

I am fat. Apparently two/three months of stress-eating followed by 2.5 weeks of Disney Dining Plan and dark-chocolate Mickey bars will result in significant weight-gain. Currently I am heavier than I’ve ever been and not terribly proud of it. So it’s either go on a diet or move to the moon. Stupid fat.

Thanksgiving! My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the extra-long weekend. My second-favorite thing about Thanksgiving is Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend. It’s like the Sam Adams Octoberfest of coffee. Today they were serving it at the university Starbucks and let me just say that my afternoon at work certainly sucked less because of it.

And speaking of work. This whole going-to-work-everyday thing blows. For 2.5 weeks I could wake up whenever I pleased and focus on one thing at a time all day long. Sigh. As Ashley said: It just doesn’t let up.

But it’s the weekend. Ashley and I have been somewhat lazy all week, catching up on all the tv we didn’t watch since the fall seasons began. I expect the weekend will be similar, though perhaps also with a little time for reading and a little time for Skyrim thrown in.


One comment on “thoughts on the week

  1. You stayed at Disney World too long… the outside world fails to make sense after a week there, so you have to escape from time to time so you don’t lose touch with reality.

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