star worse? i don’t think so

Keeping up on all of the “Superstorm” Sandy news yesterday distracted me from noticing news far more germane to my little corner of the galaxy: Disney has agreed to buy LucasFilm.

There will be a fair amount of fanboy whinging out there over this. Nerd-rage will be at a high level second only to the disappointment that is the Matrix trilogy. Already I’ve seen visual mash-ups such as Darth Vader with Mickey ears.

But yrs truly here is one fanboy who’s not upset.

In the post-Eisner era, there’s not a lot that Disney completely fucks up. Sure, John Carter is a piece of shit, and let’s not even talk about that fourth Pirates movie. But they continue to produce excellent movies with Pixar and the most recent Marvel flicks – X-Men First Class and The Avengers – are some of the best comic-book flicks ever made.(1) And Disney Animation’s most recent movie, The Princess and the Frog, is friggin’ hilarious and equally touching.

The Star Tours ride at Hollywood Studios is one of my favorite rides in all the parks. Every single time we go to light speed is a dream come true for me. The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular is also a pretty good show. It’s funny, interesting, entertaining and just plain cool.

And what, are you afraid that now that Disney owns the property there’ll be more Star Wars toys out there? That it’ll be more engrained in pop culture?

Those are the practical reasons I’m not worried. But there’s one more: Disney has promised more movies.(2) And that, Dear Reader(s), is all this fanboy cares about.

People will complain: oh but the prequels are so bad.

Well, yes and no. The real problem is this: George Lucas hasn’t written and directed a good movie since the first Star Wars movie. The best Star Wars flick, The Empire Strikes Back, was written and directed by others. Same with Jedi. The prequels were written and directed by Lucas, and, fittingly, have great moments and terrible moments.(3)(4)

But the story, that’s all King George. Same with Indiana Jones. So I’m totally okay with Disney taking over writing and directing new Star Wars movies with Lucas providing the story. Because that’s the formula that works best.

So, essentially, with Disney buying LucasFilm, I’ll get more Star Wars with less Lucas.

That’s really all I want.

Well that and this awesome Lego Han Solo in carbonite.

  1. The Avengers even tops The Dark Knight Rises in my book. The more I think about that final Batman flick the most I want Nolan’s head on a pike. But we’ll save that nerd-rant for another day.
  2. The first in 2015.
  3. Dude can’t write dialog worth a damn.
  4. The best moment of all the prequels – the lightsaber battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan – were at least co-directed by Steven Spielberg.

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