the return of the blogging

It got pretty rough back there. Planning for a wedding turned out to be more work than I’d have imagined, especially since Ash and I were handling most of the details ourselves. Along with that, I was working like a mule in quicksand in order to get things lined up well enough, ironically, so I could take some time off from work for the honeymoon. Between all of that, and then caring for a ridiculous number of cats, spending time with Ashley, sleeping, and running around the environs of Skyrim, I had little time for anything else, including this blog.

I don’t know about other bloggers who run personal blogs, but I feel a lot of pressure to post on a daily basis. I keep to this as often as I can, but there are always gaps, even as much as a month or two. In the last few months I had to cut back on the number of things I do. In the end, I decided that closing down this blog for a short while would both remove something I didn’t have time for and remove the pressure of not updating it.(1)

So now that the wedding’s over, I can bring the blog back. I’ll give you a moment here to applaud.

Thank you very much.

The wedding went pretty well. I don’t have pictures I can share just yet, but as soon as I do I’ll post some. Right now Ashley and I are having loads of fun at Walt Disney World and have days worth of fun here yet ahead of us. People congratulate us all the time and it’s lovely to she Ashley smile every single time. It’s the sort of thing that really warms a new husband’s heart.

  1. You could argue that I could write blog posts instead of playing Skyrim, and you’d be right, but killing dragons is like crack: one taste and you’re hooked.

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