Ashley and I finally made it to see Prometheus this weekend. We stayed through the credits as we almost always do and were rewarded with a bit of a surprise at the end. There was a title card stating that the previous footage(1) was property of Weyland Industries. And it listed Weyland’s incorporation date as 10.11.12.

The same thing is listed on the Weyland Industries’ Corporate Timeline page:

Meaning that the evil, greedy corporation that develops both David and Ash – homicidal, sociopathic androids – and directs them to preference bringing a hostile alien to earth over human life,(2) the corporation that clones Ripley just so they can pull a queen from her chest, the monolithic money-machine that is the contrast to the aliens’ mindless, survivalist evil…it was incorporated on the very day upon which Ashley and I will be married.

There’s even a website now, What is 10.11.12?

So I suppose since we’re getting married in a theater and all, we might just have to find a way to work this new bit of information into the ceremony. Which would be better for a cake?

A facehugger?

Or a chestburster?

Or maybe something a bit more traditional. Like maybe just a simple cake-topper.

We’ll just have to see what works.

  1. I.e. the entire movie.
  2. “All other considerations secondary; crew expendable.”

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