in which my love of fictional characters has somehow led to me following a fashion blog

Fashion and I have no legitimate use for each other. With rare exception, I’ve worn your basic t-shirt-and-jeans combo since just about after graduating from footie pajamas. Sometimes I vary the get-up with a button-down shirt. But I never tuck it in. Ever. And only every once in a great while do I go sort-of Lady Gaga by wearing shorts not made out of denim.

Fashion seems nice, though. I don’t have a problem with it; it’s just not something I care to spend my time on. Mostly I just ignore it. Which I’m sure is how fashion feels about me. Why cater to a fat guy in jeans, right? He’s comfortable as he’s going to get. There’s nothing fashion can do for him.

So it was with much surprise that I found myself incredibly involved in the following image:

Photo by Ben Ritter

This model is done up like Michael Pemulis, one of the main characters from David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.(1) The yachting cap and the fact that he’s rolling a doobster is what tipped me off. Well, before I saw that the character’s name is right above the photo on the site.

Below the photo is a short of list of which brands he’s wearing, which is something I see more in celebrity magazines than at sites about fictional characters. There are stylist credits and casting credits and everything I that I suppose is typically listed at fashion blogs.

Not that I’d know.

Mr. Ritter has done a series of these, depicting other fictional characters. I’ll let you explore the site on your own if you like, but here are my other favorites:

Holden Caulfield. Photo by Ben Ritter.

Ignatius J. Reilly. Photo by Ben Ritter.

I especially like ol’ Ignatius here from A Confederacy of Dunces, a book that made me laugh a lot, mostly in self-defense. So go check out the site. If you love fictional character, I’m betting you’ll enjoy it. Or, you know, if you’re one of those people who like fashion. You might like it too.

  1. Which is also sometimes referred to as my favorite book ever and probably you should make sure there’s enough room in my casket for me to take my copy with me forever.

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