kittens update

The kittens are doing much better after their herp scare. Every morning last week was basically Bo’s Veterinary Clinic. Each kitten would get his or her eyes and nose cleaned, have ointment applied to little peepers, get some daily antibiotic(1) plus a ten-minute steam bath. Or, to put it another way: it took me longer to get them ready in the morning than it took me to get myself ready. But then again, it’s not like I have much hair to dry.

In the afternoon and evening they got more steam-baths and another eye treatment. I worked at keeping them warm, especially Nora, who started eating solid food again after only two days of me feeding her Ensure through a syringe. Which is good, because that was probably going to be the end of me, taken out by a 13 oz. kitten who Hulks it up when force-fed.

So, like I said, with a lot of care they’re all back to healthy and adorable.

Chirpet, Mogwai, and one of Ashley’s bags

Sadly, they’re nearly at the end of their stay with us. Next week is when we plan to take them to the Humane Society. Ashley and I will probably keep one, but there is simply no way we can handle all six. I hate to split them up and I hate that they might think we don’t want them, but there’s not much else I can do at this point. So those of you who talked about maybe wanting one, now’s the time to speak up.(2)

I plan to keep their mum around. She was a stray to begin with but she’s been staying inside our place for the past eight weeks or so. She doesn’t get along with our other cats very well(3) so I can’t keep her inside anymore. The plan is to have her neutered(4) and let her back outside. I’ll put food out for her and she can come in from time to time, but the other cats want their house back. And, frankly, they’ve put up with her and the six kittens pretty well for long enough.

I will miss the kittens, to be sure. There is no reason ever to turn on the tv anymore; we just go watch six fuzzy balls of chaos run around and wrestle. I’m proud of how I got their mum to come inside, to feel comfortable enough to have some babies. I’ve done a lot of good here, not only keeping them healthy but socializing them as well. And keeping them from destroying the house. I know already I’ll look back on this period as The Time of the Kittens, and I’ll look back wistfully. They’ve been a lot of work, but they’ve been totally worth it.

  1. The same yummy, pink, bubble-gum flavored stuff we had when we were kids. Every time I gave a kitten his or her prescribed .25mL, I could taste that stuff in my mouth.
  2. Here’s looking at you, little sister. Also: aren’t you happy you made it into a footnote?!
  3. She likes to kick one of their asses, seemingly at random, just to remind them who’s the boss.
  4. Or is it spayed? Which is which? Does anyone know or does maybe Bob Barker read my blog?

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