It’s a rather dangerous thing, naming. Once you’ve given something a name, you become responsible for it. Or at least you’re less inclined to turn it over to the Humane Society in a few weeks.

Nevertheless, Ashley and I have given names to each of the kittens.

1. Mogwai

2. Tolkien

3. “No-Nuts” Nora

4. Munch

5. Chirpet

6. Li’l Switters

They are all growing quite rapidly and are all healthy. Li’l Switters is the playful, adventurous one of the group so far. Munch is the loud one. Chirpet sounds more like a bird than a cat. And Tolkien is like a quiet Zen Master.

Yep. I’m sure that giving them names will make it easier for us to give them up.



2 comments on “names

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