pitt pics

Here’s a round-up of the random things that caught mine and Ashley’s attention on our trip.

If you’re like me, you think the point of the turnpike is an exchange of legal tender for the benefit of shortened travel time.

But then, like me, you’d be wrong. Turnpikes are also apparently about setting the world record for Most Concurrent Construction Projects on a Single Thoroughfare. For roughly 2/3 of the Ohio Turnpike, the speed limit was 50 mph.

The original? Or just a fan?

Because I simply cannot overstate the importance of flushing your hands before you wash them.

Note how there’s not a soul in sight.

So…are we sure we shouldn’t change the name?

Thanks! I mean, I know. But still. Thanks!

I’ve seen Porches, Ferraris and even a Lamborghini once. But this is the coolest damn vehicle I’ve ever seen on the road.

I mean really. This thing looks simultaneously really for war and a sweet beach party.

The FBI are always closer than they appear.

Two things: I don’t get the vanity plate, so if some can’t ‘splain it to me that’d be great. And two: for an Action Maid – whatever that is – this was the most annoyingly slow car of the entire trip.


2 comments on “pitt pics

  1. OK, I think I am reading “hate webs” which would make sense if you are an action “maid” that cleans spiderwebs off of other peoples living spaces.

    If this was just a trick to make an ass out of someone; well, I guess I should just shut up and forever hold my peace.

    • It wasn’t a trick; I just didn’t get it at the time. My sister thought the same as you though and it does make sense. So I feel like a moron not getting it right away.

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