bits and pieces

Today I’ve been in a fair amount of pain. Most of it’s in my torso, but also my joints. I’m back to feeling like this:

It’s just been today, though. This week, in general, I’ve been in more pain than last week, but I’ve also been less tired. It’s a trade-off I’ll deal with. If I continue hurting at this level for a while I’ll talk to the doctor, but my standpoint on this fibromyalgia thing has been to just hang in there until something become intolerable.

Tomorrow Ashley and I are off to Pittsburgh for a transplant check-up. Hopefully everything goes smoothly, though I’m not really worried. She’s doing fantastically well, even now 4.5 years out.

And hopefully tonight, between prepping to leave and getting enough rest, I can squeeze in some time to watch last night’s episode of Jimmy Fallon w/ President Obama. I don’t always agree with some of the things he does or thinks, and I don’t usually agree with his methods. But I love that we have a cool guy working in the Oval Office. I love that he can hang, you know? And from what little I’ve heard during the few seconds I’ve had today to check the news, he killed it last night. I hope he did, and I hope I can make time to watch it.


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