it’s thanksgiving in april!!!


Today I am thankful that it is Ashley’s last day of class. She still has internships over the summer, but she won’t have to deal with an instructor who actively creates a toxic atmosphere simply because she can’t live life without drama. Ashley deserves better than to have to deal with people like her, and I’m thankful that, after today, she won’t.

I am thankful that one year ago today, she said yes. And I am thankful that in six months, we’ll be married.(2)

I am thankful that the kittens are doing well. That their mum is being a good mum, though perhaps a bit overprotective(3) w/r/t the other cats. And that she’s included Ash and I as part of the family.

I am thankful for books and for the authors who write them. Right now, I am particularly thankful for John Green, who is able to remind me of what I felt like half my life ago.

And I am thankful for friends. For friends who stay. And for friends who come back.

How are you celebrating Thanksgiving in April?(4) What are you thankful for?

  1. Similar to Christmas in July. But Thanksgiving. In April. And with no stupid Black Friday to annoy the shit out of you.
  2. And in Walt Disney World!
  3. I keep telling her not to be a hover-mom. But: parents, right?
  4. What? It’s no less real than like Arbor Day or those Mexican and Canadian holidays that show up on your calendar sometimes.

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