this weekend

I watched several hours of Lost.

I watched a ton of Three Stooges clips on the YouTubes.

I slept about 6 hours per night.(1)

Took a two-hour nap on Saturday. And Sunday.(2)

Finished reading Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon.(3)

Started reading Looking for Alaska by John Green.

Watched a couple smoke pot in a car parked in the street outside our house.

Watched What about Bob? with Ashley.(4)

Played an old-school video game that’s been ported to iOS.(5)

Made dinner.(6)

Invented my own barbecue sauce.

Camped out in the living to make the cats happy.

Generally did as little as possible.

And enjoyed it.


Hopefully all this chillaxing(7) will make this week more tolerable than last week.

  1. This is not abnormal for me. Being tired does not mean I sleep longer on any given night.
  2. This is abnormal for me. Never been much of a napper until Cymbalta altered my inability to sleep during the day.
  3. If you’ve been wanting to read a Pynchon novel but feel intimidate because, well, it’s a Pynchon novel, read Inherent Vice. But then don’t go reading another Pynchon novel expecting more of the same.
  4. Took a vacation…from my problems!
  5. Myst. Actually, I still have my copy of the PC game from back in the day. It installed on Ashley’s MS Vista computer but ran just about as well as everything else runs on Vista.
  6. Yes, yes the goal of this weekend was to chill out. And I did. It just so happens that nowadays I find cooking relaxing. If you think that’s weird, well, so do I. But there it is.
  7. As the kids call it these days. They…do still call it that, right?

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