I have been so very tired all week. Since nothing really has changed, I can only surmise that either I’m adjusting somehow to Cymbalta or that the fibromyalgia is just being extra draining. It’s been a struggle to get through work each day, and today, frankly, I failed. I didn’t make it past noon, and even that took a tremendous amount of willpower.

My mind is awake and alert, but my body is just beat. This cannot continue.

To that end, I did the usual weekend house-chores through the week and Ashley and I have nothing planned this weekend. I’m going to relax as much as I can. Maybe spend all day tomorrow reading, watching movies, and/or playing video games. No energy will be spent unless absolutely necessary, and I’ll nap when I want to. I think I need to start doing this with my weekends for a while.

So, here’s to chillin’ out like I’ve never chilled out before. I hope next week is better.


4 comments on “rest

    • Thanks for the advice! Reading is definitely something I’ve always loved, especially when I can sit with a book for hours and hours. If I finish the book I’m on today, there’s a music project I’ve been working on as well. So…will do. šŸ™‚

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