If you’ve read Macbeth, you know weird things come in threes.(1)(2)


For a moment today – just for a moment – I liked Santorum.(3) For one brief shining moment, I smiled approvingly upon something he did when I read – on Facebook, posted by George Takei(4) – that he’s suspended his presidential campaign. But then, of course, because he’s Rick Santorum, he said, “We’re not done fighting.”

Fighting for what, Mr. Santorum? You’ve basically pulled a Lady-Gaga-in-a-meat-dress thing here. The last thing I knew you were fighting for was the Republican nomination…and you’ve quit fighting for that. So what, specifically, are you fighting for? Perhaps you should have an answer to that question before you keep talking.


I exercised today. At work. Went for a walk with k. I was expecting a leisurely stroll. Instead, we covered about a quarter of the Appalachian Trail in about fifteen minutes and then ran from New Mexico to the Yukon Territory for the other fifteen minutes.

Well okay actually all we did was walk two miles in about 30 minutes. But it felt like the other one.


Someone from work-life admitted to reading my blog. Now, this isn’t someone at my library, and not someone I talk to directly very often at all.(5) But when she sent me an email owning up to her lurker behavior, I was quite shocked.

You see, I’m something of an attention-hungry monster.(6) Anyone with a personal blog by necessity is, especially someone who doesn’t really hide. If you search my name, this blog will be pretty high on the list. I don’t talk about work other than in abstract ways, so it’s not a big deal. What surprised me is why.

Being something of an attention-hungry monster, sometimes at work I send out these wildly ridiculous emails to a state-wide group of library-people. I figure most of them are as wrapped up in the tedium as I am most of the time, so why not liven everyone’s day with a few select pieces of nerd-humor?(7) Plus I’ve found that one of the best ways not to annoy everyone with even more tedious things,(8) is to make them laugh a little bit. I mean sure I’m still asking for the same annoying stuff as everyone else, but I’m being funny about it. It helps. Believe me.

So when she admitted that she likes my emails so much she searched for other places to find my insanity, I was very surprised. Most of the time I figure the five six people who read this blog do so out of pathos. So it was weird that someone sought me out.

And then so also of course there’s a ridiculous amount of pressure now. Now that I know other people may actually be trying to find me here, instead of stumbling across this blog while looking for the Snuggie Sutra,(9) there’s a push to write better. Be funnier. Include more footnotes.(10) Do something other than what I normally do here.

That sounds like a lot of effort. I think I’ll just go on being ridiculous.

  1. If you haven’t read Macbeth, stop reading this doggerel and go read it. You can find it free on the intertubes and free for any e-reader out there. Or, you know, you could go to the library.
  2. Apologies to those of you who might be theatre folk and believe that uttering the name of the Scottish play to be bad luck, a curse, bad mojo, voodoo, ill omen and/or harbinger of doom.
  3. The dude. Not the substance. I really have no opinion on the substance, though I think it’s pretty awesome Dan Savage created this little gadfly.
  4. I’m not proud of this. The getting-my-news-from-Facebook thing. I’m totally proud to be a fan of George Takei.
  5. In fact, today may have been the first time.
  6. Not my words, but not entirely inappropriate.
  7. And/or footnotes.
  8. Viz, supply requests.
  9. Happens all the time. Seriously.
  10. Just kidding. Sort of.

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