I saw this in the restroom at a local grocery store.

Forget that obviously I’m the type of person who will take pictures of things in the restroom.

Forget about the excellent punctuation in the title line.

Forget about the toilet saving water. And potentially the planet. Forget about how cool it is that such things even exist.

Focus instead on how awesome it is that whoever came up with this little instruction panel relegated the more ‘grown-up’ term to the parenthetical and used the same bathroom code familiar to anyone above the age of three.

How awesome is that?

I urge the makers of signs to make more signs like this. Bump Ahead? How about just Owies! Watch for Children? Gone. Now it’s Don’t be a Doodiehead. School Crossing would be Stop, Look and Listen.

Every McDonald’s sign would be changed to Noms. Ice cream parlors would be Yummies. Hotels would be Night-Nights and the doctor’s office would be No Mommy Please!

Forget international sign standards. Let’s make them Three-Year-Old Sign Thingys.


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